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If I had to name my style, it would be called minimal chic. I simply love neat, petite clothes in black, white or grey – usually worn with jeans*. But isn’t ‚minimal‘ just code for ‚boring‘? As my friend J. says; if you don’t want to do something, you’ll find an excuse. „My clothes aren’t that exciting“ was one of my excuses to never post an outfit on A HUNGRY MIND. I’m just not a fashion blogger. People won’t buy that. And there are no interesting ‚first times‘ in fashion, anyway. When ABOUT YOU, one of my favourite online shops, mailed me for a cooperation, I finally had to be honest with myself. I loved the clothes. So why did I still hesitate to do a fashion post? The truth is: I was scared. Because I have been laughed at before.It was my last year in school, and someone from our small town had apparently found my blog, on which I talked about the things I was interested in at the time: books, movies, makeup, and, yes, clothes. What I got as a consequence for showing the world what I liked was a massive, anonymous shitstorm from my everyday social surroundings. First cyberbullying, then obvious whispers behind my back and dirty sneers to my face. I knew it was their lack of horizon and not my lack of self-recognition. I know it was their ugly character, not my ugly face.

But some small part of me could not forget. Some part of me thought that, even though they were the shallow kids whom I laugh at today when I return home and see they still haven’t achieved anything they’re proud of, they might have been right about one thing: Maybe my style wasn’t special enough to call what I wear „fashion“. Maybe I really was boring, and, therefore, a bit ridiculous. You know what? I probably was! God, I was 19! And I will probably think the same about today’s post when I’m 29. But if there is anything I have learned, and anything I am trying to convey through my work on this blog, it is that, if you feel inspired to do something, if you are passionate about an idea, you should always overcome your doubts and do it anyway.

I accepted the challenge. This is me. This is my first outfit post without shame.

Spring in Hamburg is supposed to be really awesome and I am eagerly waiting to strip my clothes rack of thick scarves, hats and gloves to put all winter stuff into boxes. Though I might have to wave goodbye to the very sunny climate of the south: Spring in Nothern Germany is still going to be windy. I needed a light coat* to accompany me on my first walk across Elbstrand and my weekly visit to Jungfernstieg. To give the look a slightly more casual angle, I added my first destroyed jeans. I might be late to trends, but when I commit to one, I’m sure I can own it.

Having said that, I might want to add a little „+“ to the name of my personal style. Because, to all those really basic, almost scandinavian items, I really like to add one or two pieces that break up the minimal chic. Normally, that element is something like a crazily furry handbag or zippery leather pants, today it’s the holes in my jeans. What do you think? Can minimal chic become cooler from adding casual elements?

Mantel: Vero Moda (via ABOUT YOU)*
Destroyed Jeans: ONLY (via ABOUT YOU)*
Striped Longsleeve: H&M
Chelsea Boots: Pesaro

In the end, I enjoyed shooting my first outfit post so much! Have you ever been afraid to do something or wear something? Have you experienced bullying because you’re displaying yourself online in a creative way? Are you a blogger who thinks they can’t post certain things because others might find them ridiculous? If you are in that place right now, if people are trying to bring you down to keep your horizon as narrow as theirs – please, don’t let them. Don’t be like me. Don’t wait for five years to share all your interests with the world.

*Special thanks to ABOUT YOU for finally getting me out of my comfort zone.

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    Laura Wildschweini
    02.04.16 at 09:53

    Sehr schön geschrieben liebe Bine, und die Bilder sind wundervoll <3
    Und bitte mehr davon! Diese ganzen "großen" Fäshöööön-Blogger gehen mir nämlich auf den Keks. Wenn wir mal ehrlich sind – 85% davon sind untragbar im täglichen leben, 99,99% sind für die Zielgruppe unbezahlbar (abgesehen von den "Kim-Chayas", die von Papi alles bekommen) und 100% der Teile ist so schwer kombinierbar weil sie soooooooo coooooool mit Muster oder was auch immer sind, dass man daraus eh nur ein Outfit zaubern kann oder eben alles im Schrank neu kaufen muss.


    • Reply
      03.04.16 at 10:51

      Wildschweini <3 Du bist die allerbeste :* Und ich gebe dir absolut recht zwecks der Outfits, ich könnte mir da immer maximal ein Teil leisten und hätte dann nichts, was dazu passt...

  • Reply
    02.04.16 at 11:33

    Da hätte ich aber auch nicht Nein gesagt. Find das Outfit toll (abgesehen davon, dass ich diese Jeans nicht mag, weil mich generell Löcher stören, aber der Rest ist top – würde ich auch so tragen!), ich selber hätte ja Hemmungen, mich fotografieren zu lassen/selber zu fotografieren, um ein Outfit zu zeigen.
    Vero Moda und Only mag ich sehr gerne. Die haben vor allem auch Petite Fashion, was leider noch nicht bei jedem Hersteller angekommen ist. Bei Esprit gibt es seit Neuestem Jeans in Länge 36. Toll. Mir ist in den meisten Fällen alles über 30 zu lang. Ich sollte wohl Petite Fashion-Bloggerin werden.

    • Reply
      03.04.16 at 10:54

      Danke! Stimmt, Petite Fashion muss unbedingt noch mehr in die Läden kommen. ASOS und New Look haben auch schöne Sachen in der Kategorie.

  • Reply
    02.04.16 at 13:39

    Ein sehr sehr schönes Outfit, ich mag Deinen Stil total, da finde ich mich gleich wieder 🙂 Vor allem der Mantel gefällt mir gut, da muss ich gleich mal Stöbern gehen <3
    Und nebenbei auch Glückwunsch zum "Ersten Mal" mit einem Fashion-Post auf AHM – toll, dass Du Dich getraut hast!

  • Reply
    02.04.16 at 19:52

    Wow, ganz tolle Bilder und mal wieder ein grandioser wie persönlicher Text, der bestimmt vielen aus dem Herzen spricht 🙂

    • Reply
      07.04.16 at 08:37

      Vielen Dank, liebe Lea :3

  • Reply
    Brigita Dambe
    02.04.16 at 20:26

    And the post turned out so good, deep and personal, which is how I like them best! To answer your questions – yes, I have been scared to do things just out of the fear what people might say, but this is true only in real life (I know, strange), but when it comes to online life, I’m kinda out there, doing and showcasing what I really love and like. I have come to conclusion that I am special because I see things in my own way and react accordingly, copy cat styles and basically identical IG feeds and same poses and outfits just aren’t for me. They are not personal or interesting in any way – I see them as insecure people copying other insecure people who want to justify themselves and seem cool. Just the other day I sent a post preview to my friend asking if it wasn’t just too, idk, weird (velvet dungarees, hello?!)? And I got the best response – „well, this isn’t my style and I wouldn’t wear it, but this is 100% you and therefore true and interesting“. Being free online, has made me more free in real life, not making big deal about my curves or other people opinions about me on my body, outfits, blog etc. And what I’m trying to say, that you have to do you, and if people don’t appreciate it, they aren’t at peace with themselves and they just reflect their opinions of themselves on you! So be you!! Always! Phew, now that was a rant. 😀


    • Reply
      03.04.16 at 10:50

      And what an awesome „rant“ that was! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts <3

  • Reply
    06.04.16 at 14:38

    Ich kann dich gut verstehen. Ich denke solche Erfahrungen bleiben auch einfach eine zeitlang hängen und kleben. Von denen muss man sich erst mal wieder lösen.
    Umso schöner, dass du das offensichtlich geschafft hast.

  • Reply
    06.04.16 at 15:50

    Ich finde das Outfit toll! Ich mag diesen minimalistischen Stil… hätte es auch super gefunden, wenn die Jeans ’normal‘ gewesen wäre. 😉

    Wie schön, dass du diese negativen Erfahrungen hinter dir lassen konntest!


  • Reply
    17.04.16 at 06:25

    Schlichtes Outfit, gefällt mir 😉 Bin eher der Basic-Träger 😀

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