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5 Ideen gegen Lebensmittelverschwendung

richtige Mengen einkaufen - Einkauf planen

Ich könnte diesen Artikel mit viel Pathos beginnen. Ich könnte aufzählen, wie viele Lebensmittel in Deutschland jährlich in der Tonne landen, und dann vom Welthunger und all den Obdachlosen erzählen. Aber ich denke, wir sind alle erwachsen und wissen es längst: Lebensmittel wegschmeißen ist scheiße. Es fühlt sich auch genauso scheiße an, wenn es mal wieder passiert. Nur irgendwie… können wir es nicht wirklich verhindern. Ich habe mir in letzter Zeit oft überlegt, woran das liegt. Und ein paar neue Routinen eingeführt, die mir im Alltag helfen, meinen Lebensmittelmüll endlich nahe null zu bringen. Continue Reading


Lunch Date: German chef Tim Maelzer’s „Bullerei“

German chef restaurant

When it comes to cuisine, us Germans have a lot to offer. And no, it’s not just Sauerkraut. I actually hate Sauerkraut because it hurts both my nose and my international reputation. In Germany, we have Maultaschen, Zwiebelrostbraten, Sauerbraten, Bratkartoffeln, Käsespätzle, Schupfnudeln, Wurstsalat („salad“ made of sliced meat, can you imagine that?) and more. Plus, we also have our own Jamie Oliver who gives traditional and international recipes a new twist: German chef Tim Maelzer, who just happens to own a restaurant in Hamburg’s popular Sternschanze area. It’s called „Bullerei“. Continue Reading


How to make a quick Pav Bhaji

Whenever I feel like traveling to a new country but I can’t, I try to travel through a meal instead. Eating, in that way, is like reading a good book: You can dive into a whole new world without actually moving. So when I get sick of Hamburg’s winter, I hide away in my room and order some Vietnamese comfort food, go to a Mongol restaurant or, if the budget is low but motivation is high, I’ll just try to cook an exotic meal at home. Pav Bhaji is usually sold as street food in India. When I reinterpret the recipe from Deli magazine to make it into a real quick Pav Bhaji, I can almost see the same colours in the busy streets of Mumbai, where Indian vendors are selling the same herbs and spices… Continue Reading


At a Turkish restaurant in Hamburg: Peacetanbul

It’s Wednesday night and I’m starting to write this article about an amazing Turkish restaurant I’ve discovered last week. When I type in the name of the place, I am suddenly reminded. I am reminded that, in the light of recent events, „peace“ sounds like mockery – once again. I wonder if I should postpone the article, if it would be more decent not to mention Istanbul and peace in one sentence today, when yesterday, people were killed there. Then again, I am convinced that the owners of the Turkish restaurant in Hamburg did not call their place ‚Peacetanbul‘ just because it sounded funny to them. I believe that, especially in days where terror threatens to become more powerful, we should stick together and remind ourselves that terror is not, and never will be, the same as nation or religion. And wouldn’t the world be a much better place, if more people sat together at one table? Continue Reading


Dinner on a boat: Alsterschiff Galatea

Alsterschiff Galatea

When my friend Susi and I go out, we usually find ourselves amidst an unexpected assembly of couples only. I swear, we’re not doing it on purpose – but somehow we always end up having a non-romantic romantic date and/or laughing at lovebirds who start fighting over who eats too much popcorn. Last Friday was no exception – except that we knew what was waiting for us. And we got so much more! We had an amazing Italian dinner on a boat in Hamburg. Continue Reading


Making zucchini noodles with a regular peeler

I wouldn’t call myself a clean eater, so all those low-carb recipes have me suspicious enough not to spend a fortune on special kitchen tools before trying a new recipe for the first time. When I first looked up the oh-so-hot veggie pasta, every zucchini noodles recipe I found suggested that I needed a fancy-schmancy thing called ’spiral slicer‘, which would cost me about 20 euros. Umm… nope. So I found out how to do it differently. And, surprise! Healthy can taste pretty nice. Here’s how to make zucchini noodles – or linguine – with a regular peeler. Continue Reading


a cross-legged Tyrolean lunch

Marend Hamburg

At some point, we’ve all been guilty: Eating in bed or on the couch, dangerously balancing the plate or sitting cross-leggedly, bending over it. But have you ever been invited to sit like that in a restaurant? At a table? This week, I’ve had my first cross-legged lunch and also my first Tyrolean goulash at Marend Restaurant in Hamburg. Continue Reading