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Making zucchini noodles with a regular peeler

I wouldn’t call myself a clean eater, so all those low-carb recipes have me suspicious enough not to spend a fortune on special kitchen tools before trying a new recipe for the first time. When I first looked up the oh-so-hot veggie pasta, every zucchini noodles recipe I found suggested that I needed a fancy-schmancy thing called ’spiral slicer‘, which would cost me about 20 euros. Umm… nope. So I found out how to do it differently. And, surprise! Healthy can taste pretty nice. Here’s how to make zucchini noodles – or linguine – with a regular peeler. Continue Reading


a cross-legged Tyrolean lunch

Marend Hamburg

At some point, we’ve all been guilty: Eating in bed or on the couch, dangerously balancing the plate or sitting cross-leggedly, bending over it. But have you ever been invited to sit like that in a restaurant? At a table? This week, I’ve had my first cross-legged lunch and also my first Tyrolean goulash at Marend Restaurant in Hamburg. Continue Reading


morgens um 6 auf dem Fischmarkt [GER]

Ein unbekannter Klingelton reißt mich aus dem Schlaf. Mein Herz hämmert, als meine Augen ganz ohne mein Zutun auffliegen. Ich drehe mich hektisch um und starre auf mein iPhone. 5 Uhr 12. Was ist los? Notfall? Urlaub? Geht’s gleich zum Flughafen? Nein, zum Altonaer Fischmarkt. Es ist der Wecker, den ich extra neu eingestellt habe, damit ich ihn nicht automatisch wegdrücke. Uff. Continue Reading