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Why solo travel is a cure (Copenhagen)

I booked my first solo trip out of a feeling of utter despair and misery. Two weeks ago, after a regular Tuesday, I just couldn’t stand myself anymore. Something made me not want to be in my shoes. And the only thing that felt remotely like escaping my situation was a getaway. Alone. I didn’t want to lean on anybody, wait for anybody, or be with anybody. I just wanted to get out. So that is what I did. A 48 hour solo trip to Copenhagen, a city that ranked highly on my bucket list – my very own Scandinavian escape, the weekend after the next. I had never done solo travel. But the moment I hit „book“, I started to breathe again. Whatever it was, it was going to get better. Here’s how Copenhagen made me smile. Continue Reading


#Singlegirlsolutions: Assembling my own room

3rd floor, 14 square meters, dark floorboards, empty walls. An air matress is lying crumpled in the corner when IKEA arrives at 7am with my new furniture; the promise of a new home. And for the first time, I’m building my own nest. 700 kilometers from home, there are no parents to help. One day into my Hamburg life, there are no friends here yet. On a weekday, my new flatmate is at work. And – gasp – no male counterpart to handle my shit, either. I am completely on my own and that sounds a lot more depressing than it is. I am actually excited. But it does feel a bit strange. A single woman assembling all her furniture without any help? Nay, doesn’t it sound wrong? Continue Reading