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Why you should get to know them #refugeeswelcome

It’s Sunday before Christmas. Today, I am meeting A., a refugee from Iraq. I got to know him on Tinder, right before I gave up on the app as a dating opportunity. A. has been living in Hamburg for 3 months. His profile says he is looking to make new friends. He tells me that his family is still in Bagdad and he’s quite uncomfortable at the refugee home where he shares a room with people who like to drink. A. doesn’t drink, although many muslims do. He’s very friendly, asking for my favourite colours or TV shows to watch in German. He’s eager to learn. We switch from English to German and back. Every day, he shows me what he learned in his German class, never really proud of himself although he should be. He shows me how to spell my name in Arabic. After a week, we’ve got our first inside jokes. He asks when he’ll get to meet me, but he doesn’t push. I’ve got a stressful two weeks at work, but eventually, I really want to get to know him in person. When I go to meet him, I take my pepper spray. Continue Reading