#AHMfirsttimes in November

A harsh wind hits my face and I pull up my scarf as I squint against the icy rain. So this is the first taste of what they’ve all been talking about: The hard winters of Hamburg. I have never been a winter fangirl, not even in the sunny mountains of Southern Germany, so this just makes me want to hibernate. Yet, it would be wrong to have an all-white, foggy picture as a title for my monthly recap – November was actually very gentle before it got so mean. Here’s a flashback to my newest discoveries, some overcome challenges and favourite first times.


01. Presenting someone else’s work after a three minute brief. Fun!
02. Trying Pilates – it’s actually fun.
03. Taking naps at work. This could either mean I’m really comfortable there, or my job is a life-sucker. Being an introvert and a sleep-lover, I guess sometimes it’s a bit of both.
04. Using shoe polish on my holy handbag for the first time… I only panicked a little bit, I promise.
05. Working on the window sill. It’s not only for Instagram!


06. Making zucchini noodles without fancy kitchen equipment. Yum!

first times in November


07. Seeing Hamburg in the snow for the first time. I’m not sure if I’m happy about this though…
08. Checking out the famous Pick n Weight second hand store – awesome concept, but to be honest, the store isn’t really for me. I’m more into modern, clean and classy fashion…
09. …so I also spent some time in Germany’s only EDITED Store. Sigh – If I was a rich girl…

first time at EDITED and Pick n Weight

10. With my friend Susi, who was visiting for the first time, I had dinner on a boat.
11. With JvM-Academy, I got to visit Google Germany and peeked into their offices. Mad!


But really, what remains after not only one, but five incredible months full of new discoveries in a new city? To be honest: homesickness. And yes, it’s the first time that I really, really feel it. I miss the calm of my hometown, the hugs of my friends and family and the comfort of a few quiet days with nothing to do except being spoiled. Recharging the batteries for next year’s adventures…

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    02.12.15 at 07:33

    Ich kann total nachvollziehen, dass man gerade in der dunkleren Jahreszeit Heimweh bekommt. Ich hoffe, Du kannst Weihnachten bei Familie und Freunden verbringen und genieĂźt die Adventszeit im Norden trotzdem <3
    Alles Liebe,

    • Reply
      02.12.15 at 21:38

      Danke dir 🙂 So schlimm ist das Heimweh auch gar nicht, ich vermisse die Leute eben und freue mich extrem auf die Weihnachtspause. Einen Vorgeschmack habe ich heute bekommen – meine Mutter hat mir Plätzchen geschickt… 🙂
      xx Sabine