#AHMfirsttimes in February

What an amazing end to February! We get one extra day this year, and when I went for a walk at the port on the Sunday that would normally have been the last day of the month, I couldn’t help but inhale the feeling that is my personal spring feeling. The sun was incredibly bright, and even though it was cold there was a lightness in the air which I had missed for months on end. So, today, I made a point of walking the short distances between our office building and the IT department without a jacket, just because I could. I was obviously still freezing, but it didn’t even compare to the cold before. And so begins my favourite season. I can’t wait for my first spring in Hamburg!

At the beginning of February, I discovered that walking to work gives me a really good start into the day. After those 3.5 kilometres, I’m less tired, my brain is more active and my body feels explicitly, exquisitely alive.

Our agency then hosted a portfolio party earlier this month. I found the cutest little flip book* – just a kiss, captured by a talented photographer.

I went to an Arabic restaurant with my refugee friend. I loved the main dishes, but the honey dessert that got stuck in my teeth was just too much! He doesn’t like it either, he just forgot to mention it to me…

For the first time, I tried homemade pasta. It does make a really big (and delicious) difference but it’s also a lot of work and you might have to get creative. You bet it was fun to use a tripod as a drying rack, though.

I also cooked some Indian streetfood at home: Pav Bhaji.

On another note, I watched the first movie for which Leonardo Di Caprio would win the Oscar. Woo! Sorry, I just had to mention it as an ultimate “first time”, didn’t I? And I actually think the camera was amazing.

row of seagulls at Hamburg port in the spring sun

What did you get up to in February? Which premieres did you enjoy most?

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    01.03.16 at 18:22

    So ein Spaziergang am Hafen klingt gut, das sollte ich definitiv auch mal wieder machen. ☺

    Ich glaube, meine einzige Premiere war mein Pink Heart Cake, das war ein absolutes Experiment und gelang tatsächlich gut.


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    11.03.16 at 13:39

    Wow tolle Bilder, toller Beitrag


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