#Featuring Lea: Alone at the cinema


Remember that bucket list of mine? Today I get to tick off one more box: I’m publishing the very first guest post on A HUNGRY MIND. So excited! I proudly present you a piece by Lea, who is a friend, a colleague, a kitchen goddess (check out her blog) and, more often than not, the life of the party. And she is talking about one more weird thing to do in order to get out of your comfort zone: Going to the cinema alone.

Speaking of first times, this is the first time I’m writing an article for someone’s blog and I’m really glad it´s the blog of my colleague and friend Sabine. But that’s not the first time I actually want to talk about. It’s about going to the cinema. I’ve seen many films at several cinemas before, but last month was the first time I saw a movie alone at the cinema, without any company.

So what does that feel like? Are strangers looking at you like you’re an alien without friends? Maybe. But let me tell you about my experience in a more chronological way.

alone at the cinema in Hamburg

After work, a group of colleagues wanted to watch the new Star Wars movie – which I had already seen. So I decided to watch a different one (“Ich bin dann mal weg”, a movie about and by German TV celebrity Hape Kerkeling) and went to another cinema. Alone.

You’d think the first time feeling weird when going to the cinema alone would be when you go to the box office and ask for only one ticket. But that didn’t happen. At our cinema, you can buy tickets from the cash point or from a seperate ticket machine. The queues at the cash points were horribly long, so I bought my ticket at one of the automates and avoided the first “point of shame” brilliantly…

To be honest, it felt a little strange to push the “number of tickets”-button only once. In order to enter the hall, I had to show my ticket to one of the cinemas employees. It seemed like everyone before or behind me walked in with a group of people, but still I didn’t get that dreaded “do you really have no friends”-look from the employee. In fact, I don’t think she really cared about me going alone.

When I was looking for my seat, things felt different, though. Maybe it was just my imagination, but I felt like a few people were distinctly looking at me, sitting there all alone without anyone beside me (there weren’t too many people at the screening). I started becoming slightly uncomfortable, shooting glances around the room myself. And then, to my relief, the movie started (or at least, the ads did).

While watching the movie, it didn’t make much difference that I was alone actually besides the fact that I wasn’t holding my boyfriends hand. But still I noticed something else. I was observing other people much more intensely than normally. Two rows before me sat a group of girls taking selfies with the flash on. The row behind me was a group of guys talking most of the time. These people really annoyed me and made it hard to concentrate on the movie. But who knows, probably they would have annoyed me the same way if I’d been with someone else. The difference is that I could have talked to that hypothetical someone about my angry feelings.

I think the biggest difference between going to the cinema alone or with friends appears when the movie is over and the lights go back on, when you just really want to talk to your friends about what you’ve just seen. For me, that is the one big social part of going to the cinema. So I got up from my seat, left the cinema and called my boyfriend to tell him about “Ich bin dann mal weg” while going home – all alone.

Thank you, Lea, for contributing! We’ll make sure we dig into your culinary experiment Backen statt Burger.

Feel like writing a guest post about a first time, too? Message me at sabine@ahungrymind.com!

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    12.02.16 at 22:57

    Ich finde, das ist eine ziemlich coole Aktion und gut gemeistert! Habe ich mich bisher nicht getraut, obwohl es schon genug Filme gab, die ich im Kino sehen wollte, aber eben die Einzigste aus meinem Freundeskreis war. Ich denke, beim Ticketkauf am Automaten, beim Einlass und Snacktresen hätte ich keine Probleme. Auch während des Films nicht. Aber in den Kinosaal alleine reinzugehen fände ich schon irgendwie komisch. Eigentlich blöd, ich war ja auch schon alleine bei Konzerten. 😉

    • Reply
      16.02.16 at 20:01

      Das geht mir aber auch so – siehe mein Artikel über den Solo-Konzertbesuch im Dezember. Das Kino stellt für mich irgendwie auch eine gedankliche Barriere dar, aber jetzt, wo Lea es schon vorgemacht hat…!

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    13.02.16 at 14:14

    Durch meine etwas ungewöhnlichen Arbeitszeiten bin ich ständig in der Lage alleine auf Konzerte oder ins Kino zu gehen. Beim ersten Mal war es schon etwas seltsam, aber schon bald lernt man die Vorzüge und Freiheiten schätzen.

    Natürlich gehe ich auch gerne mit anderen Leuten weg, aber ich finde es auch nicht schlimm, wenn man alleine unterwegs ist.

    • Reply
      16.02.16 at 20:00

      Perfekt, wenn man beides genießen kann!

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    14.02.16 at 19:24

    Finde ich supergenial! Ich habe mich bisher auch leider nie getraut, allein ins Kino zu gehen. Dieses Jahr stehen einige Filme an, die ich gern sehen möchte, mal schauen, ob es sich nun vielleicht ergibt (meine Freunde haben nicht immer den gleichen Filmgeschmack wie ich :D)

    • Reply
      16.02.16 at 19:59

      Dann nichts wie los! 🙂

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    23.02.16 at 15:18

    Ich kann mir vorstellen, dass man sich schon etwas seltsam fühlt, wenn man alleine ins Kino geht. Man hat dann halt doch schnell das Gefühl, wie du es ja auch beschrieben hast, dass einen alle anstarren und sich jeder denkt “Oh, die Arme! Hat keine Freunde.” Aber letztlich achten die anderen wohl wesentlich weniger auf einen, als man sich das selbst denken würde.

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