Hamburg x Italy x NYC: Due Baristi espresso bar

As spring is slowly approaching and everything gets light and lovely, strolls around the neighbourhood also become more frequent. There are two things I really love these days: The spring sun and freshly baked cake (alright, I always love cake). So, if you are looking for a little Sunday afternoon sugar coma in an incredibly bright and photogenic location, I might have discovered just the place for you.

In the middle of beautiful Eimsbüttel, Due Baristi disguises itself as an espresso bar, but let me tell you something as a person who doesn’t drink coffee: Even without their perfect Italian brew, you can still get seriously hooked on their New York cheesecake, which is probably the best in Hamburg.

NY cheesecake in an espresso bar in Hamburg

And if you’re one who wants to have it all, try that cup of hot chocolate. For some reason they declare it as a kid’s drink on the menu (’cause adults drink coffee, duh!), but fear not, you will be insanely happy and insanely sugar-shocked. Actually, the hot chocolate at Due Baristi is more like a pudding – German Pudding, that is – and it’s tremendously sweet. I had a hard time deciding whether to take the next bite from my cheesecake or dip my spoon into heavenly, liquid chocolate. I never expected such treats in a place which is mainly devoted to espresso.

My recommendation for Due Baristi’s coffee, therefore, isn’t first hand, but some more experienced people tell me it’s also their favourite espresso bar in Hamburg. Something for everyone, then. Or is there anyone in the world who doesn’t love cheesecake?

Italian hot chocolate Hamburg
café Eimsbüttel

Due Baristi
Langenfelder Damm 2-4
20257 Hamburg

Opening hours
Tue-Fri: 8am-11pm
Sat: 9am-6pm
Sun: 10am-6pm

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  • Reply
    15.03.16 at 22:57

    Sehr schön zu lesen! Von dem Cheescake hätte ich auch gern was 😉

  • Reply
    Conny Lomoherz
    30.04.16 at 18:16

    Solche Cafes mag ich auch sehr gerne! Danke für den Tipp! (Und wie lecker der Cheesecake ausschaut, yummy!)

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