A view over Hamburg from St Michael’s Church

How long does it take to fall in love? To me, love has always been a matter of consideration, something to think about, weighing the pros and cons, the timing, the chances. Thinking and overthinking, I never quite seemed to realize that I already was – falling. Later, I would look back and find that it never was the thinking, not the actual, objective reasons that made me; it was the first moment. It’s a raised hand in a seminar, an unexpected face on my doorstep, it’s a hand shake in a dark bar. It’s the feeling that someone you didn’t know you were waiting for, just burst through the front door. I never expected to fall in love. Except when I came to Hamburg.

I had seen countless pictures of Hamburg, the blue port, the beach bars along the two rivers, the charming old architecture, the big new glass offices, the ever-changing street style. I had read stories of friendships celebrated on the Kiez, drinks and fish buns right next to the Elbe, spring strolls through Planten un Blomen, kisses on Sternschanze’s doorsteps, waffles at Eimsbüttel’s street corners, and days full of creativity in agencies or home offices all over the city. Almost exactly one year ago, I finally met the city of my dreams in person. The moment I stood at Jungfernstieg in the pouring rain, I knew I was in love. And I had been for a while.


On our one year anniversary (well, the anniversary of my falling in love really, I came to live here in July), I went up St Michael’s church for the first time. The wind on the platform is icy. Because this is Hamburg. And although we can only stand it for five minutes, it’s as beautiful as ever. The iconic dancing towers, the almost-finished Philharmonic Hall (I’m convinced!), the port, the TV tower, and all the pretty and not-so-pretty houses in between… it’s this view over Hamburg, and all the individual stories it implies, that I’ve become so fond of.

The view over Hamburg makes me wonder what might be happening down there. Who is Petra talking to right now in her tiny bar near Reeperbahn? How many travesty shows are running today? Is my friend K. at the library, or is she enjoying coffee at Starbucks in Mönckebergstraße? Is J. out for a photoshoot? Has my flatmate finished her project on the wooden floor of our flat? Who’s shopping at Lidl in Altona or Edeka at the main station, which are open today? Could I see our house if I knew exactly where it was?

view over Hamburg from Michel
view over Hamburg from St Michael's Church

How long does it take to feel at home? If you’re in love, only an instant…

Hauptkirche St. Michaelis
Englische Planke 1
20459 Hamburg

Entry fee: 5€ (Students 4€)

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  • Reply
    19.01.16 at 21:47

    Danke erstmal für deinen liebe nkommentar! Ich verstehe auch nicht, wieso das gerade Trend wird bei den Männern..
    Und ein sehr schöner Ausblick auf Hamburg! Ich war letztes Jahr zweimal dort und irgendwie habe ich mein Herz ein wenig daran verloren. Vielleicht lande ich ja einmal dort 🙂

    Liebe Grüße,

    • Reply
      21.01.16 at 21:33

      Falls ja, sag Bescheid!

  • Reply
    Maribel Skywalker
    20.01.16 at 09:29

    Schöne Bilder, auch von dir das – zucker 🙂 Ich war auch mal dort oben, im Sommer – lohnt sich einfach richitg. Der Blick ist atemberaubend. Sollte meine Bilder auch mal wieder rauskramen 🙂

  • Reply
    21.01.16 at 12:33

    Wow, what a beautiful view! It kinda reminds me of a specific part of London, with all the tall/modern-ish buildings.

    • Reply
      21.01.16 at 21:34

      Hi Fran,
      funny you would say that – to me, it feels quite British here sometimes, too!

  • Reply
    21.01.16 at 16:43

    Wie schön! Ich muss gestehen, ich war schon im Michel, aber noch nie oben! Das sollte ich wohl nachholen. 😀

    • Reply
      21.01.16 at 21:36

      Solltest du definitiv! Wobei er innen drin auch so wunderschön ist, dass es eigentlich einen eigenen Artikel verdient.

  • Reply
    19.02.16 at 13:12

    Hallo Sabine,
    deine Bilder sind richtig gut, und den Text finde ich auch schön! Ich habe auch schon davon geträumt, in Hamburg zu leben, seit ich 15 bin und habe mit 22 dann dort für ein halbes Jahr gewohnt 🙂 Ich vermisse die Perle…
    Liebe Grüße, Jean

    • Reply
      29.02.16 at 23:26

      Hallo Jean,
      danke für den Kommentar. Vielleicht verschlägt es dich ja irgendwann wieder in deine Herzstadt? 🙂